Since we launched the Uö Shop, our aim has been to stock it with unique, well-made goods from a wide variety of makers. We take pride in hand-selecting every item we carry. From small batch leather goods to Made in the USA work accessories and better bottle openers, we love every product we sell. 

In a world filled with big box stores, we believe it’s important to have smaller shops who truly care about what they offer. Despite being a small company, we stock, package, and ship all the products we sell ourselves because we think it’s important to make sure your order is taken care of properly. And since we’re constantly on the hunt for new items, and even craft some of our own, great products get added to the shop every week. 

Thanks for checking us out and stop back often!




Back in 2013, we started Uö, a small blog that was simply a place to share the products we loved. That site, which was just a hobby at the time, quickly became more popular than we could ever have imagined. 

As it grew, we looked for ways to make it even better for our readers, and the idea of offering fans a spot to buy some of the items we featured made a lot of sense. And so was born the Uö Shop. 

We still run the Uö Blog, and it’s worth checking out for more items we love, but we’ve put a lot of effort in to make the shop a great experience on its own. Both the blog and the shop started out of our love for better products, and that passion is still at the core of each today.




We’re a small team based in northern California just miles outside San Francisco. The eight of us handle everything from selecting the products you see in the shop to getting them sent to your door. And while we take our work seriously, the atmosphere here at Uö is pretty laid-back. We don’t wear suits and ties (except Joe because he’s fancy). We enjoy a good beer and a bit of barbecue. We have a ping-pong table and despite coming from a bunch of different backgrounds-eCommerce, graphic design and living outside, all of us share a love for exciting products.