Camping Exploration Travelling Tools Portable --Multipurpose Theremometer Hygrometer Comaps

Material: ABS resin
Size: approx.75*40*25mm
Weight: approx.72g
Color: random
Function: compass , thermometer ( -2060 ), hygrometer ( 0100% ), gradienter, LED, reflector, whistle, firestone, magnifier, ruler
Introduction of function:
1. thermoneter: measure the temperature of environment.
2. hygrometer: measure the relative humidity.
3. LED: lighting. ( can be used by changing the battery, put out the magnifier and ruler, riving 3 pieces screw. )
        also can illuminate compass to make clear the direction of compass at night.
4. reflector: ask for help outdoor by reflecting sunshine to send the signal of lighting. also can be used as mirror.
5. gradienter: measure the degree of horizontal.
6. compass: measure magnetism azimuth.
   the green arrow pointed to " North ", the green is fluorescent powder, visible on dark after Absorbance.
   there is damping oil, stable indicator, accurate directing.
   three function of overlooking, eye-levelling, readouting.
7. whistle: ask for help outdoor, send the signal of voice. ( push the whistle from pushing hole by pushing rod. )
8. firestone: ask for help outdoor, used to light fire. ( push the firestone and firing blade from pushing hole by pushing rod. )
   method to light fire: put the combustibles such as sawdust or withered grass on the ground, hold the firestone by left hand, make the magnesium  
   rod of on the front to it, then scrape the magnesium rod quickly by right hand to fire the combustibles.
9. magnifier: find the coordinate on the map.( on the middle of ruler. )
10. ruler: measure distance. take out the ruler by pushing dextrad, one side is scale of meter, the other side is scale inch.

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