Fashion LED camping lights outdoor lighting emergency camping camp light bright use AA batteries, 41 LED tent light Polestar

Camping, the most suitable for outdoor use, also can be used as a household emergency lights, night self-study students use (with rechargeable batteries very save)
• LED extraordinary life, bulb life of 100000 hours, almost never damaged.
Ultra-low power consumption, save electricity, LED, four 5 battery can use up to 30 hours
Lamp has a hook component, convenient hanging inside the tent.
Popularity highlighting energy-efficient 36 + 5 led tent light
The service life of the bulb: high brightness LED (up to 100000 hours)
Pattern: three kinds of switch mode (1, edge among 24 lamp + 5 telephoto lights; 2, middle row 12 lights; 3, all the lights)
Battery: 5 # battery (4) available 15-30 hours
This product is the biggest bright spot is the lamp of 36 + 5 super bright energy saving tent lamp, lamp is 5 among can telephoto lamp. Pretty day our flashlight, so, it is both our tent lights, and our flashlight. A camp lamp very good value.

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